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Install Time™ 3.1.1 is now Available!

Update Available

This release includes defect fixes as well as all of 3.1 changes (Install Butler™, usability enhancments, bug fixes as well as enahanced language and translation support.) Install Time™ solution empowers developers and administrators to create, modify and deploy Windows Installer packages. It is the complete solution for day-to-day application packaging operations. 3.1.1 release notes

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Install Butler™

Deploying, testing, and preparing software packages can be a daunting and time consuming task. Install Butler™ takes the guess work out of pre-deployment preparation. Automatically capture which properties to set and how to customize which features to include in a deployment! There is no need to learn and relearn the frustrating and complicated Windows Installer command line syntax, Install Butler™ does the work for you!

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The Move

Update Available
Savage Fly Corporation is very proud to announce our operations move to a bigger and better envrionment to provide better support for our customers. We do not expect any disruptions to services during this move. "We are extremely happy with the growth of Savage Fly Corporation and moving our operations to a better facility and a more scalable infrastructure. The growth and customer support has been amazing, simply amazing" says James Edwards CEO of Savage Fly Corporation

Savage Fly Corporation has been listening

Our Website and Services has been improved based on your feedback. We have added to web experience to ensure zero down time. In additon, customer feedback forms and enchanced user registration forms have been added so that customers can communicate with us in an easier fashion. We will continue to expand the user experience. Registered users will have access to additonal installtion themes, custom actions, additional translations and early previews of our upcoming releases.

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Making Advanced Technology Easy

Accelerate installation creation and package deployment

Beat the clock
Savage Fly builds technology that enables both developers and administrators to focus on their business. Software packaging and deployment seems more complex than ever. Already under pressure due to severely constrained resources, everyone is expected to deliver more cost-effective computing services by taking advantage of the latest technologies while empowering ever greater business productivity. With Install Time™ the entire installation packaging and deployment process is simplified. With a single feature rich application that is optimized for Developers, Installation Engineers, and System Administrators there is more collaboration, reliability and faster time to market or production.

Installing Windows Software

Windows Installer
Need to create or modify an installation? "Install Time™" is a powerful yet easy to use Windows Installer authoring environment. Quickly and easily create bullet-proof installations with an interface as familiar as any Microsoft Office product. Have an installer product already? Give Install Time™ a risk free spin. Creating installations should not be rocket science. Once you are ready to switch, request a quote from us from our Request a quote page or contact sales at SavageSales. Making the switch is easy and the cost savings astronomical.

The Windows Installer software of choice

Beat the clock
Choosing the right software often depends on the size of your company, your experience and funds available. You will no doubt be influenced by salesmen, glossy brochures, online demos, and colleagues. While awards are always well recieved, we at Savage Fly take the most pride in knowing our customers receive class A support, a full featured product without comprimise at the best price in the industry. With over 20 years in the installation market space we know without a doubt, that you the customer, is the most important part of our organization. To our current customers, thank you! If you are looking for the right software to make your Windows installation, you have come to the right place. Give Install Time™ a try, risk free for 30 days. Whether you need to capture a setup, build one from scratch or prepare a package for deployment, the features are available to you in a single product. No edition games, no gimmicks, no double talking upselling sales pressure. Install Time™, a feature rich product at the right price from a company that knows Installations.

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About Savage Fly Corporation

Haven't heard about Savage Fly Corporation? Savage Fly employees and owners find their roots in Wise Solutions. We were the original developers, consultants and sales people at Wise. We were the "Wise Guys", now we are "Savage Fly guys"!

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Savage Fly Corporation is a privately held widely-recognized global provider of installation authoring and configuration management software for Windows-based applications. We offer a powerful, reliable, feature rich installation product specifically designed for software application developers, web managers, software vendors, network administrators and system administrators. Install Time™ allows better overall single view experience which increases collaboration and reliability, while Install Butler™ accelerates the time to deployment enabling distribution. No need to learn and relearn the frustrating and complicated Windows Installer commandline syntax or package structures!

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